Why Arbitrate in Toronto?

Toronto is one of the best places in the world to arbitrate commercial disputes. In fact, Toronto is a more convenient, less expensive and more reliable place to conduct an arbitration than the world’s traditional arbitration centres.

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TCAS was formed in January 2010 to promote and develop Toronto as a world centre for arbitration excellence. Toronto is Canada’s economic capital and one of the leading financial centres in North America. It is the hub of Canadian commerce with a sophisticated financial services infrastructure that has a reputation for safety, soundness and stability.

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Ontario courts have shown a willingness to interpret the Province’s modern arbitration legislation in a manner consistent with the philosophy of party autonomy. This provides business parties with an opportunity to tailor an arbitral process that suits the needs of the parties and the circumstances of the case.

Toronto is a cosmopolitan city and an ideal place to run your arbitration. Have a look on this website at the excellent facilities for holding arbitrations. Feel free to contact our members to act as arbitrators, counsel or experts on your arbitration. TCAS members are highly experienced in the arbitration field.

Come and enjoy Toronto.

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