Program Title: Panel Presentation on Gender Equality Issues in Arbitration Video Presentation

Approved EDI Professionalism Hours: 1 hour (Approved by the Law Society of Ontario)


In 2015, concerned members of the arbitration community drafted the Pledge, a statement of commitment “to improving the profile and representation of women in arbitration”, together with a list of concrete steps. In this video, a panel of international female arbitrators and arbitration counsel discuss the difficulties that women may face in establishing a career in international arbitration, how they have prevailed, and how issues of gender and diversity can affect the arbitration process from arbitrator selection to hearing.

Cost of the Video: $50.00

Please fill out the attached request and send along with your cheque for $50.00 payable to Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society c/o Ted Frankel, Cassels, 40 King Street West, Suite 2100, Toronto, Ontario M5H 3C2. Once received, you will be emailed the password for the video for viewing and receive a confirmation of registration.

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