In addition to being a world-class city with internationally-renowned arbitrators, a pro-arbitration judiciary, experienced arbitration counsel and modern arbitration statutory regime, Toronto is also a top choice for the seat or venue of your next arbitration because of the options it offers for top-notch, state of the art dispute resolution facilities. You can choose among the following excellent facilities for conducting your next arbitration.


   Arbitration Place
A premier hearing facility in Toronto, Arbitration Place has combined all the resources needed to make your next arbitration run smoothly. Amongst other things, Arbitration Place offers parties a roster of internationally-renowned arbitrators, a wide selection of rooms to accommodate all group sizes and has an industry-leading court reporting company housed on-site, offering real-time transcription, interpretation and video conferencing services. For more details, please visit arbitrationplace.com
 neeson-logo-home Neeson Court Reporting 

Neesons Reporting provides a sophisticated arbitration venue in Toronto that brings together logistics, technology and quality. Amongst other things, Neesons Reporting offers custom built boardrooms configurable for different purposes and meeting sizes, built-in video conferencing, and experienced and dedicated staff providing court reporting, captioning and transcribing services.

For more details, please visit neesonsreporting.com

 victory-verbatim-logo-home Victory Verbatim 

A facility well-equipped to meet various client needs, Victory Verbatim offers excellent premises for conducting arbitrations in Toronto. Amongst other things, Victory Verbatim is well-known for its reporting and transcription services and offering hearing and breakout rooms.

For more details, please visit victoryverbatim.com