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Membership in TCAS is open to anyone with a demonstrated interest in arbitration who will support the objectives of the organization. Experience in the field is also required, through practice as counsel, arbitrator, expert or academic participation. Membership is handled by the Finance and Membership Committee.

In order to be considered for membership in TCAS, the application form must be completed and submitted. On acceptance of this application by the Executive Committee, membership will become effective upon payment of the annual membership fee which is currently $200.

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Guidelines for Membership

Applications for membership will be considered on the basis of the following sections of the TCAS Constitution:

Section 2.1
The following are the purposes and objectives of TCAS:

  1. To further the use of arbitration as a means of resolving commercial disputes and to promote excellence in the practice of arbitration;
  2. To promote and develop Toronto as a pre-eminent location for international commercial arbitration;
  3. To develop and promote a common set of rules and standards for the practice of commercial arbitration;
  4. To encourage continuing education among the members and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on all aspects of international and domestic arbitration.

3.1      All members of TCAS shall be required to attain a designation equivalent to or higher than the Qualified Arbitrator designation conferred by the ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) by May 12, 2018 or, in the case of new members, within two years of becoming a member. Such designations include, but are not limited to, Qualified Arbitrator (Q. Arb.) or Chartered Arbitrator (C. Arb.) from ADRIC or Membership (MCIArb) or Fellowship (FCIArb) in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, subject to the ability of the TCAS Membership and Finance Committee to exercise its discretion pursuant to Article 3.3(b).

3.2      No new member of TCAS shall be listed on the website roster until the required designation has been obtained.

3.3      After May 12, 2016, an individual shall become a member of TCAS by:

(a) submitting to the TCAS Membership and Finance Committee an application for membership in a form to be determined by the Executive Committee from time-to-time;

(b) providing evidence to the TCAS Membership and Finance Committee of having met the requirements of Article 3.1 or indicating a commitment to do so within two years. The TCAS Membership and Finance Committee shall have the discretion to waive the designation requirement in the case of members who have demonstrated experience and proficiency in commercial arbitration, and such waiver shall apply to retired members of the judiciary;

(c) paying the requisite annual membership fee as determined by the Executive Committee from time-to-time; and

(d) having his/her membership accepted by the TCAS Membership and Finance Committee in accordance with Article 3.1 and the standards or practices for membership determined by the Executive Committee from time-to time.

Personal and Contact Information Note: Unless you advise otherwise, submission of the information below will constitute your authorization for TCAS to: (i) post your name and contact information on the TCAS website; and, (ii) share your information with organizations that the TCAS Executive Committee deems appropriate.

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