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Jasmine Do

Jasmine Do


Jasmine Do is an Arbitrator with the ADR Institute of Canada and the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society. She has a strong commitment to promoting access to justice. With over 10 years of experience working in the fields of accident benefits, human rights, workplace disputes, and workplace health & safety, Jasmine recognizes a need for affordable alternatives to court. Her fundamental pillars of justice emphasize neutrality, strong ethics, and evidence-based approaches.

In addition to providing neutral evaluations, Jasmine also conducts workplace fairness training. Her clients include small to medium-sized businesses. Jasmine’s unique credentials include experience as a Social-Emotional Intelligence Coach and working with people from various ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds. Her diverse experiences attribute to Jasmine’s ability to understand people from many different perspectives. She is able to provide services in English or Vietnamese.

Jasmine has lent her expertise as a judge for many institution debate teams. Her efforts to help empower community members include human rights awareness events and speaking engagements. A few of the non-profit organizations she has assisted include CultureLink, Family Services Toronto, and Better Future for Kids.

Early neutral evaluation
Documents-only and online arbitration
Binding arbitration
Evaluative mediation

Areas of focus:
Contract Law
Workplace Disputes – Wrongful Dismissals, Health & Safety
Human Rights – Discrimination & Harassment
Real Estate and Property Law

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