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Todd Archibald

Todd Archibald

I am a retired judge with over four decades of experience helping parties achieve practical and effective solutions to their most challenging disputes.  First as a Crown Prosecutor, later as a litigation partner with one of Canada’s premier law firms, and finally, for over twenty years as a trial judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  By drawing on the unique perspectives and experiences gained at each stage of my career, I now help parties untangle the issues that separate them, restore and rebuild important relationships, and achieve practical, cost-effective resolutions to a broad range of commercial, civil, personal injury, employment, real estate, and personal matters.

My experience at the Bar and on the Bench is further complemented by additional training, accreditation, and significant experience as both a mediator and adjudicator.


In my twenty-two years as an Ontario Superior Court trial judge, I have conducted over two thousand judicial settlement and mediation conferences in all civil and commercial areas. I am a very experienced mediator having received the Chartered Mediator designation (C.Med) from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada “ADRIC” in 2019. In addition, I have also extensively taught mediation to both judges and lawyers, most recently in a one-week 2021 Osgoode Professional LLM course entitled “ Mediation Advocacy” designed by Mr. Frank Gomberg and myself.


Having had the privilege of being a trial judge on the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for over twenty-two years, I am well qualified to handle any arbitration matter. Over those two decades, I have presided over innumerable civil, commercial trials, and motions. Before becoming a judge, I was a civil and commercial litigator at Borden & Elliot LLP (now Borden Ladner Gervais LLP), and previously at Gardiner Roberts LLP.

I became a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb) in 2018. I had also previously completed the nine-month arbitration course provided by the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society. I am an experienced adjudicator that understands how to provide an effective forum that allows parties to achieve optimal outcomes in any kind of arbitration. In addition, I am the editor of both the Advocates’ Quarterly and the Annual Review of Civil Litigation.

I am available for appointment as an arbitrator for all domestic and international arbitrations as either a single arbitrator or as a member of a panel.

Phone: 416.270.2991

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