Gold Standard Course in Arbitration™*

The Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society Gold Standard © Course In Commercial Arbitration (the “Course”), is a comprehensive and intensive course in commercial arbitration as it is practised in Canada. It covers both international and non-international arbitration from that perspective. The Course is particularly relevant to those who wish to practise commercial arbitration (either as counsel or as arbitrator) in Ontario, and in other provinces with the same legislative framework. However, the practical skills and approaches, and virtually all of the legal principles, are relevant in any Canadian jurisdiction.

The Course meets, and exceeds, the Gold Standard © requirements of the ADR Institute of Canada. Successful completion of the Course, satisfies the training requirements for the Q.Arb. designation conferred by the ADR Institute of Canada. (See ADRIC website for details as to other requirements.) Successful completion of the course also satisfies the professional designation requirement that is now a condition for TCAS membership.

Based on the CPD credits allowed by the Law Society of Ontario last year, we anticipate that the course will qualify participants for 18 hours of CPD credits, including 3 hours of Professionalism credits, in each of the two calendar years. Qualification of the course for the diversity component of Professionalism hours has not yet been determined, but an attempt will be made to include at least one hour of diversity content in one of the two calendar years in which the course is taught.

The faculty for the Course includes approximately 25 leading Canadian and international arbitration practitioners, all of whom teach within the context of a detailed curriculum as set out in the Course Outline that accompanies this Course Description.

In addition to the teaching Sessions, the Course includes extensive reading materials, custom designed practical exercises in writing arbitration clauses, making procedural decisions and writing awards, and video supplements on specialized topics such as investor state arbitration and advocacy in international arbitration. Two textbooks (Casey on Arbitration Law of Canada (3d) and Gay/Kaufman Annotated Arbitration Statutes of Ontario), with a combined retail value of approximately $300, are included in the price of the course.

The Course will be conducted from September 15, 2018 to May 11, 2019 in 17 Sessions. The first and last Sessions are conducted on a Saturday. The remaining sessions are conducted on Wednesday evenings, two weeks apart except for the holiday break at the end of December and early January.

Enrollment in the Course is limited to 25.

All sessions are hosted by Arbitration Place at 333 Bay Street in Toronto. Remote participation by video conference link is available at no extra cost. Participants who choose the remote option are advised to have a high speed, broad band video link. The quality of your connection can be tested at:

The Course is specifically designed for practicing lawyers and has been taken by lawyers who have practised for as few as 2 years, or as many as 42 years. However, enrollment in the course is open to anyone who has an interest in commercial arbitration, regardless of legal qualifications.

The cost of the Course is $1,500, or $1,300 to members of TCAS.

To register contact the Course Administrator, Tracy Thompson-Demeter at:

TCAS Course Faculty List

Louise Barrington

Bradley Berg

Hon. Ian Binnie

Sonia Bjorquist

Brian Casey

Earl Cherniak

Stephanie Cohen

Alexander Gay

Duncan Glaholt

Marc Goldstein

Brad Hanna

Tom Heintzman

William Horton

Doug Jones

John Judge

Matthew Kronby

David McCutcheon

John Lorn McDougall

Stephen Morrison

Peter Rees

Joel Richler

Cynthia Kuehl

John Terry

Janet Walker

Thomas Webster

Robert Wisner

Comments about the TCAS Gold Standard Course in Commercial Arbitration from prior participants:

John Campion, Partner Gardiner Roberts, LLP : “Comprehensive and intense…”

Mark Freiman, Partner Lerners: “… curriculum has the right balance of theory and practice; the faculty come from at the highest levels of the profession … the drafting exercises are meaningful but manageable.  Highly recommended!”

Barbara Capes, Associate Dentons: “The breadth of the course has increased my efficiency in providing strategic advice in a range of arbitration matters and has expanded my practice to include acting as arbitrator.”

Roger B. Campbell, Barrister and Solicitor: “…the best course I have taken on any topic during my professional life!   … exceptionally well planned and executed”

Cynthia Kuehl, Partner Lerners: “…to regularly meet and share ideas with the leaders of the arbitration bar (both students and instructors) made this an incredibly valuable educational opportunity.”

Michael Schafler, Partner Dentons: “This is the A-Z course about arbitration essentials – fabulous!”

Gold Standard Course in Arbitration

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